1. Hi Dani, I’ve watched both Trevor’s interview and this one with Paul. There is excellent information about the platform itself in both interviews, but I’m still not really finding a viable path into the platform. Both interviews suggest taking your opensource development skills and then finding a path to the platform, either through some sort of internship or employment. This doesn’t really strike me as a method very welcoming to any new comers. I’ve been in the IT field over 25 years, in that time I’ve never found a way into the IBM platform. Many other platforms such as Windows and Linux are successful because they throw themselves at you. I mean even OpenVMS offers it’s hobbyist program, but IBM has always been a closed environment. These interviews while very interesting and informative have reinforced my perception that the IBM world operates as an elite club and unless you’re lucky enough to be chosen by an existing club member entry is difficult. Excellent interviews though.

    • Hi Cy, first of all, thank you for posting a comment! Everything adds to my learning journey.
      Second:, I apologize for taking this long to respond.
      Now let me try to respond:
      The reason why I am doing these interviews is because I was as well trying to find my way into the platform. I work for a company whose main mission is to support business running IBM i and this is how I found out about a platform called IBM i.
      You mention that with Windows and Linux is much simpler and I agree, mainly because you have access to these platforms on any computer. It’s not the same with a Power server running IBM i. This makes me understand that this needs to be another question to ask: if I want to have access to IBM i without knowing anyone in the industry, how can I do it? I will start asking this starting on my next interview and I hope I can provided you with answers.
      Once thing I can suggest you to do is to look for IBM champions and experts on LinkedIn, Twitter and ask them how to step in. Although it may look like an elite community, is not, based on the 8 interviews I have done so far. They were all open to answer to my questions even though they might feel like basic questions for them. However their answers were enlightening to me and I hope viewers feel the same thing.

      I hope this answers your concerns and once again, thank you for commenting, this helps me a lot.

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