IBM i en 9 diapositivas

Descargar Bienvenidos Ha sido un desafío determinar cómo explicar la esencia de IBM i. Como el IBM i es rico en funciones, seguro, escalable, un entorno confiable, es difícil transformarlo en una simple historia. Esta presentación resume el IBM i en 9 diapositivas, 70 puntos y en menos de 30 minutos. Diapositiva 1 de 9: …


IBM i in 9 slides – blog

Download IBM i It’s been a challenge to determine how to distill the essence of IBM i. Since IBM i is function-rich, securable, scalable, reliable environment, it is difficult translate to into a simple story This presentation outlines IBM i in nine slides, 70 bullet points, and under 30 minutes. Slide 1 of 9: IBM …


IBM i in 9 slides

IBM i – the best operating environment for business. This video is an attempt to provide a concise overview to distill the essence of IBM i for promoting the platform. Use wisely. Spread everywhere. The full text blog version is here. A downloadable PDF version of the full text version can be downloaded from here.